Compressed Breathing Air

Yes No
  • Does your workplace have compressed breathing air?
  • Is unit tested every 6 months?
  • Is unit tested after major overhaul or modifications?
  • Is unit tested after reports of significant malfunction?
  • Carbon monoxide sensor on oil-lubricated compressors? ?
  • Current Test certificate of system test posted by unit? ?
  • Breathing hose is clearly labelled "breathable-air"? ?
  • Breathable air hose has a different fitting than other hoses? ?
  • Volumetric air flow measured and in compliance? ?
  • Air source away from sources of contamination? ?
  • Outdoor air source tested (ambient sample)? ?
  • Intake of fresh air clearly labelled?
  • Records of air testing kept for 5 years and available?
  • Specific individual responsible for this program?
Compliance with minimum criteria? No
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