Safety in Numbers is a resource system to help manufacturing companies develop, evaluate and improve their Health and Safety Program. Developed through experience and best practices, the system explains what is required to comply with provincial safety regulations and provides answers to the questions that programs struggle with. The program provides extensive references on every topic of safety and health. Access the relevant legislation in seconds. Build consistency into your health and safety program with true metrics.

Safety in Numbers is intended to help you identify workplace hazards better, build consistency into your health and safety program and better comply with provincial health and safety regulations. It is called Safety in Numbers for the following reasons:

Firstly, it tries to give a number to standards and hazards. Consider the following examples:

  1. How hot does a surface have to be to represent a burn hazard to workers?
  2. How much does an object being handled have to weigh to warrant the need for metatarsal guards instead of just steel toe shoes?
  3. Some metals are ingestion hazards. How much lead or manganese is acceptable on a lunchroom surface?
  4. What real level of protection do workers get from hearing protection with an NRR of 30 dBA?
  5. If a worker is exposed to 84 dBA, what is their risk of noise-induced hearing loss?
  6. how far away should chlorinated solvents be kept from hotwork?
  7. What percentage of accidents could be prevented by introducing fall protection at 6 feet instead of 10 feet?
  8. What is the most common cause of industrial fires and how can I prevent them?
  9. How much ventilation do I need in a chemical storage room?

Safety in Numbers provides all of these answers and hundreds more.

Secondly, it scores your program for compliance with the regulation. Safety in Numbers walks you through the requirements of the legislation topic by topic. Questions that are in dark red and green are elements required by the legislation. If you can answer Yes to all of the required elements shown in dark green, your program gets 70 points on an all-or-nothing basis.

Raise your program scores by including good practice elements shown in a light shade. These can add an additional 30 points to your score for a topic.

Scores from the individual topics are automatically carried forward to your dashboard that shows you the status of your health and safety program at a glance.

Below is shown the dashboard of a company’s scores. The score for each topic is shown by a horizontal bar graph and a numerical score. See at a glance where your program stands on a topic-by-topic basis and overall score. Just like a credit score or a grade point average, this program gives your safety and health program a real metric of performance. Track your progress as you improve your program. Set future goals to take your program to the next level. That which is measured can be managed.

Safety in Numbers allows you to leave notes, instructions and specific information on your program where others can find it easily. Just click on the pencil to open the notepad for that question.

Thirdly, the scores can be compared to the scores with other companies. Because of the extensive resources provided by Safety in Numbers, all companies are using the same criteria, the same definitions and same numerical standards. The use of these common resources builds in consistency. This allows the user to:

  1. Reliably and consistently compare your company’s score over time;
  2. Have a smooth hand-off if someone else takes over the program or are sharing duties on the program; and
  3. Fairly compare your company’s score to other companies.  

In the future, Safety in Numbers will show the average score of all companies for each topics and as well of the overall average score of all companies. You will be able to see how your company compares to its peers. For example, your company may have an average overall score of 82. That’s pretty good but its even better if the average overall score of all the companies is 76!

Register today for Safety in Numbers and accelerate your safety and health program!