Toilets and Washing Facilities

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  • Does your Workplace have this issue?
  • Number of Toilet Facilities and Washbasins
  • Are the minimum number of toilets and washbasins available in the workplace for the number of workers in the workplace? ?
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Do urinals make up half or less than half the amount of toilets required for men?
  • If one toilet facility is provided for both sexes in a workplace, are there less than 10 people in the workplace?
  • If one toilet facility is provided for both sexes in a workplace, can the door be locked from the inside?
  • Is there a legible sign posted on or near the door denoting the sex entitled to use that toilet facility?
  • Is the toilet facility only used as a toilet facility?
  • Is the toilet facility accessible and clear of obstacles and obstructions? ?
  • Is the facility kept clean and sanitary? ?
  • Is the facility kept in good working order?
  • Is there toilet paper supplied at each toilet at all times?
  • Are there easily cleanable containers for waste materials?
  • Is there a covered disposal container for feminine hygiene products near each toilet used by women?
  • Is each toilet equipped with an individual compartment that can be locked from the inside?
  • Is each toilet adequately heated, illuminated and ventilated? ?
  • Are workers allowed access to toilet facilities without unreasonable restriction?
  • Hand Washing Facilities
  • Is a washbasin in close proximity to each toilet?
  • Does the washbasin have a supply of clean hot and cold water?
  • Is soap supplied at the washbasin?
  • Are individual disposable towels or other appropriate means of drying hands provided?
  • Are washbasins kept clean and sanitary?
  • Are washbasins kept in good working order?
  • If it is not practicable to provide washbasins at a location such as a construction site, are alternate washing facilities offered such as hand sanitizer? ?
  • Change and Washing Facilities
  • If there is a risk of coming in contact with hazardous substances, are there change and washing facilities provided? ?
  • Are workers consulted about the cleanliness of the toilet and washroom facilities?
  • Are workers consulted about whether the toilet and washing facilities meet their needs?
  • In workplaces where breaks can disrupt workflow, such as assembly lines, are there procedures in place for workers to take bathroom breaks?
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