Local Exhaust Ventilation


  • Parts of a Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) System
  • Elements of a Good LEV Maintenance Program
  • Types of Local Exhaust Hoods
  • Information on Ducting of LEV Systems
  • Types of Fan Wheels and Wheel Blades
  • How Effective are LEV systems?
  • Proper Use and Setup of a LEV System
  • Recommended Duct Velocities
  • Required Capture Velocity for Different Processes
  • Common Problems with LEV Systems
  • Importance of Maintenance and Inspections of LEV Systems
  • Case Study of a Local Exhaust System
  • The Proper Hood Case Study
  • Types of Air Cleaners and Filters
  • Can Exhaust Air from a LEV be Recirculated back into the Plant?