First Aid

Yes No
  • Are First Aid services provided to workers?
  • Are all workers aware of the location of first aid services?
  • Do ill or injured workers report to the first aid room or location where first aid services are provided?
  • Do ill or injured workers receive assistance from a first aider or supervisor?
  • Are the minimum numbers of first aiders present in the workplace? ?
  • Are the names and locations of each First Aider provided in a record available to workers?
  • Do first aiders receive required training as outlined in the First Aider Requirements? ?
  • Are first aiders able to receive training and render assistance to ill or injured workers with no loss of pay or benefits?
  • Are records of worker illness or injury made and kept for 5 years?
  • Is transportation to medical facilities provided for workers if needed?
  • Is there a means of transportation readily available if your workplace is more than 30 minutes away from ambulance services?
  • If transportation is provided by the workplace, is it capable of accommodating a stretcher and available at all times? (if not applicable, click yes)
  • Are workers able to clean blood and bodily fluids without exposing themselves to contamination?
  • Where a risk of asphyxiation or poisoning is present, are arrangements available for immediate first aid treatment or medical attention?
  • Are the minimum number of first aid kits provided? ?
  • Is a first aid room provided in a workplace with more than 100 workers performing work that is not low hazard in a shift? (if not applicable, click yes)
  • Does the first aid room meet the minimum requirements? ?
  • Is the first aid room clearly identified? (if not applicable, click yes)
  • Is the first aid room easily accessible to all workers?
  • Are personal first aid kits provided to workers working alone without ready access to a first aid kit? ?
  • Is a first aid kit provided at muster points? ?
  • Is a portable first aid kit available in case the first aid is needed outside?
  • Is there a log tracking the contents of the first aid kits to ensure they are fully stocked at all times?
  • Are consumables such as bandages and antiseptic wipes provided to workers outside the first aid kits to ensure kits remain stocked?
  • Do you know your workplace hazard rating? ?
  • Do you have specialized first aid measures based on the hazards present in the workplace? (if not applicable, click yes) ?
Compliance with minimum criteria? No
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