Asbestos Building Audits

Yes No
  • Does you workplace have asbestos-containing material?
  • Has an asbestos control plan been developed and implemented to prevent asbestos material becoming airborne? ?
  • Is all suspected ACM treated as if it contains asbestos until it is tested?
  • Has an audit of the building been performed by a person who is competent in identifying materials that may contain asbestos? ?
  • Has an inventory of all ACM in the workplace been prepared?
  • Does the inventory identify the location of all ACM?
  • Does the inventory identify the condition of all ACM? ?
  • Is the inventory updated as ACM is added or removed from the workplace?
  • Is all of the ACM in the workplace inspected at least once a year?
  • Is ACM inspected more frequently based on the amount or significance of damage? ?
  • Are there control plans in place for areas of frequent or severe damage? For example shielding or removal of ACM?
  • Are the inventory and inspection records available for reference by workers?
  • Are the inventory and any inspection records kept for a minimum of 30 years?
  • Is all ACM identified by signs, labels or other means? ?
  • Is there a long term plan for the eventual removal of ACM?
  • Are air samples taken every 3 years as confirmation that presence of asbestos is not resulting in airborne asbestos? ?
  • Are materials that potentially contain asbestos but have been confirmed not to contain asbestos labeled as asbestos-free?
  • Does the Health and Safety Committee review the asbestos inspection report and program annually?
  • Are workers consulted about the asbestos policy as part an annual review?
  • Is ACM labelled in a clear way that is understandable by staff and contractors? ?
Compliance with minimum criteria? No
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